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Queued Battlegrounds
« on: June 20, 2018, 04:27:38 pm »
Queued Battlegrounds
- Added Xhan the Recruiter (Free PVP Set)
* Dual Clients not allowed in Battlegrounds
* BG Commands:
- @joinbg - Join Queue
- @leavebg - Leave Queue
- @listenbg - Turn ON/OFF BG Announcement
- @reportafk - Report AFK Player in BG

Recruiter Xhan - is an npc that will give out starter PVP gear sets for WOE, Battlegrounds.
- Level 175 requirement
- Recruit gears can't be sold, traded, auctioned, dropped but can be returned to the npc.
- Stats will not work outside WOE, Battleground, PVP maps.
- You can only have 1 recruit set everytime. You can return and change to another set.
- You can find her standing in Battleground Room.

*Added BG Supplies to BG Room.
Items bought here will only work for Battleground maps.

Battleground Rewards: Click Here

* Battleground Maps:
[ Capture the Flag ] - Capture a Flag you need to take the enemy flag, and bring it to your base flag.
[ Team DeathMatch ] - Kill all the enemy players to let their Team without points.
[ Eye of Storm ] - There are two bases, North and South which teams can capture by holding position on the Base more than the other team.
[ Conquest ] - The objective of the attacking team is to destroy the Emperium. The defending team wins if they successfully defend the castle until time runs out.
[ Kreiger Von Midgard ] - Fight to drop down the opponent's points to 0.
[ Stone Control ] - Take the Stones in the middle of the battlefield and put in on your base, in the Stone Points.
[ Domination ] - There are three bases, North, Center and South which teams can capture by holding position on the Base more than the other team.
[ Rush ] - Fight to capture the Castle and organize your team to defend it.
[ Poring Ball ] - For the Football fans! World Cup Season... you know how this works
[ Touch Down ] - Something unique, different. Experience yourself.
[ Clash Royale ] - Oh yes that famous mobile game.. just in ragnarok form

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