Server Information

Server Features:     Click Here...
Base EXP Rate:     50x
Job EXP Rate:     50x
Quest EXP Rate:     25x
Item Drop Rate:     10x
MVP Drop Rate:     10x
MVP Card Drop Rate:     0.01%
Max Level:     175/60
Max ASPD:     193
Max Stats:     130 (3rd job)
Party Share Limit:     70 Base Levels
Episode:     16.X
Third Classes:     Fully Available
Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro:     Fully Available

Functional Eclage, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quests

Instance Dungeons Available:     Sky Fortress, Central Laboratory, Room of Consciousness, Last Room, Charleston Crisis, Airship Assault, Bios Island, Morse's Cave, Temple of the Demon God, Faceworm's Nest, Old Glast Heim, Endless Tower, and more!

WoE, PvP, and Battlegrounds